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Jaw crusher with greater capacity, flexibility and production

Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-29 09:18:07

KUNXUN Engineering’s overhead eccentric Jaw Crusher continuously reduces the rock as it passes through the crushing chamber. The bulk-production comes true while electromotor rotates continuously and the movable jaw crushes and discharges the raw material periodically.The sharp primary blow at the top of the jaws reduces material instantly, most of it to spec size. Then the additional secondary crushing action at the bottom of the jaw further reduces any remaining oversized material. All this time the force feeding action is moving material through the crusher at phenomenal rates, clearing the jaws for more feed material.

KUNXUN’s overhead eccentric jaw crushers last longer and crush longer because they are constructed from top quality materials to a field-proven design. These crushers are built with brute strength for rugged service in a tough industry.

There are many attempted copies of the overhead eccentric Jaw Crushers, but few have challenged KUNXUN’s superiority. Daily reports from Jaw Crusher owners throughout the world, some of them in service for 30 years and still going strong, lend proof to KUNXUN’s superiority and durability in the industry. There is a size to meet your needs and requirements! It is the first choice for hard and strong abrasion material.

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