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What Equipment Is Used for Crushing Stones?

Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-02-26 09:47:59

In this era of rapid economic growth, more and more people invest in gravel processing plants, and their pursuit of the quality of stone crushing equipment is also increasing. Because of the different specifications of the stone, the equipment used to break the stone is also varied. What kind of equipment should be used, which should be defined according to the hardness of stone, the standard of finished product, etc. This paper briefly introduces several kinds of hot selling stone crushing equipment.

Crushing Stones

1. Coarse Crushing Equipment-Jaw Crusher

a. The upgraded design in structure eliminates the limitation for replacing damaged parts with flexible replacement operation, and prolongs the life of equipment about 3-5 years;

b. The capacity of conventional equipment is up to 2200 t/h with advantages of large inlet, uniform discharge and high output.

c. It has a new type of wedge discharge port adjustment method to ensure a wide range of discharge port adjustment, making the operation easier, more efficient and safe.

2. Medium Crushing Equipment-Cone Crusher

a. Laminated fracture principle+ hydraulic protection system. The crushing operation is more efficient, the stone produced is cube, the needle shape is less, and the grading is more reasonable.

b. The new design of overcast iron protection system has the function of automatic protection to prevent the hard sundries from entering the cavity and causing damage to the equipment.

c. It has a high output, and effectively controls dust flight and noise transmission in the work which is a kind of green equipment.

3. Fine Crushing Equipment-High Efficiency

a. The plastic effect of fine crushing is good. And the sand produced has few over crushing, which is beautiful in particle shape and has higher industrial use.

b. It has simple structure and combination with low cost of accessories, higher overall operation rate of equipment and higher output.

c. It has good dust control effect and environmental protection effect, and the equipment is stable with efficient operation and low failure rate for a long time.

There are many kinds of stones, and the choice of crushing equipment should “adopt measures suiting different stones. For different stones, different crusher should be used to achieve different crushing effect. What’s more, the variety of stone crushing equipment is not limited to the above. For detailed equipment selection standards, you can consult Hongxing customer service staff online.